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Keep Alverthorpe Post Office!

Simon Lightwood MP and the Labour councillors for North ward (Cllr Margaret Isherwood, Cllr David Pickersgill and Cllr Betty Rhodes) are campaigning against the closure of the New Scarborough Post Office, on Alverthorpe Road.

Following the resignation of the postmaster, the branch will be closing on Saturday 16 September 2023.

Simon Lightwood MP said,

"New Scarborough Post Office is an essential part of the local community. It’s a valuable asset to the area and is relied upon by local residents and businesses.

"If the Post Office cannot ensure that provision in the area will continue, it will be a huge blow to the area and to the services that many people rely on, especially those who do not have their own transport, or are less able to get about. "I urge the Post Office to take action to ensure that local residents have access to Post Office services."

You can sign the petition and follow the campaign here: Keep our Post Office open | Simon Lightwood MP


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