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Miners' Pension Scheme: Joint letter to Conservative PM candidates

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Dear Rishi Sunak MP and Liz Truss MP,

We are writing to you today as a candidate for the Conservative leadership, regarding the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme.

Last year, the BEIS Select Committee published a report on the conditions of the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme. Informed by evidence sessions with former miners, trustees of the Scheme, and union representatives, the report analysed the Scheme’s sharing agreement (set up in 1994) which allows government to keep 50% of any surplus from miners’ pensions.

Having received over £4.4 billion from the scheme to date without having contributed a penny, whilst former miners average a pension of £84 a week, the report concluded that the government should not be in the business of profiting from miners’ pensions.

However, despite clear and implementable cross-party recommendations, (i) for the 50/50 surplus sharing arrangement to be comprehensively reviewed to make sure miners get their fair share, and (ii) for the £1.2bn reserve fund to be given back to pensioners immediately; the Government have so far made no progress

towards these changes.

As Coalfield MPs, we therefore write to ask you to do the right thing and agree that should you become Britain’s next Prime Minister, your government will implement the recommendations of the report.

Giving former miners the financial settlement they deserve will not only directly support retired miners, but will also have a significant impact on the local economies of struggling coalfield communities.

We look forward to hearing your response and commitment to change.

Yours sincerely,

Stephanie Peacock MP

Conor McGinn MP

Jonathan Reynolds MP

Rosie Winterton MP

Nick Smith MP

Dan Jarvis MP

Alex Davies Jones MP

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP

Louise Haigh MP

John Healey MP

Yvette Cooper MP

Lisa Nandy MP

Darren Jones MP

Ian Lavery MP

Allan Dorans MP

Mary Glindon MP

Gerald Jones MP

Sarah Champion MP

Wayne David MP

Christina Rees MP

Alan Brown MP

Emma Lewell-Buck MP

Mary Foy MP

Chris Elmore MP

Grahame Morris MP

Beth Winter MP

Owen Thompson MP

Julie Elliot MP

Stephen Kinnock MP

Chris Bryant MP

Simon Lightwood MP

Marie Rimmer MP

Jonathan Edwards MP

Colum Eastwood MP

Kate Osborne MP

Chris Stephens MP

Chris Evans MP

Tonia Antoniazzi MP

Nia Griffith MP

Kevin Brennan MP

Kevan Jones MP

Sharon Hodgson MP

Ian Mearns MP

Toby Perkins MP

Yvonne Fovargue MP

Mike Amesbury MP

Charlotte Nichols MP

Taiwo Owatemi MP

Jon Trickett MP


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