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Simon Lightwood launches plan to deliver a fresh start for Wakefield

Labour’s Wakefield by-election candidate Simon Lightwood vowed to deliver “a fresh start” for the city, as the party launched its campaign at Ossett Cricket & Athletic Club today (Wednesday 1 June).

Alongside Shadow Levelling Up Secretary Lisa Nandy and Wakefield Council leaders, Simon revealed his plan for Wakefield and stressed “the eyes of the country are upon us”.

Launching his local plan, Simon outlined that as a Member of Parliament, he would:

1. Deliver investment and well-paid jobs for Wakefield

2. Bring back bus routes and cheaper fares

3. Fight to save King Street Walk In Health Centre

4. Help recruit more police to tackle anti-social behaviour

5. Campaign to scrap the unfair Tory National Insurance rise.

In his speech, NHS worker Simon told activists of his background:

“I lived in Wakefield, I’ve worked in Wakefield, studied in Wakefield, have family in Wakefield, I bought my first home in Wakefield, met my partner and fell in love in Wakefield.

“Over the years, I’ve campaigned in every ward, in every corner of our city, towns and villages and helped hundreds of people.”

Simon also spelled out the wider national backdrop to the by-election, saying:

“After repeated lies, and lawbreaking, a defeat for the Conservatives here could spell the end of Boris Johnson”, but warned that: “Labour has only gained one seat in a by-election in 25 years and we have work to do here in Wakefield to overturn a Conservative majority”.


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