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Small Business Saturday

Simon Lightwood, Labour Member of Parliament for Wakefield, celebrated this year's Small Business Saturday by visiting some of the fantastic small independent businesses that have set up shop in Wakefield.

Small Business Saturday is an annual day celebrating small independent businesses in the UK. Mr Lightwood visited several businesses to champion the work they do locally.

He visited several businesses including Kraft on Wood Street, the iconic Falafel Street Kitchen van outside the Cathedral and the Black Horse pub on Westgate.

Mr Lightwood highlighted the challenges businesses are facing with stubbornly high energy costs, business rates and a lack of economic growth.

He also emphasised his desire to tackle the crime and anti-social behaviour which he said businesses are constantly bringing up with him as an issue causing real concern not just for business owners and customers alike.

Simon Lightwood MP said,

“It was fantastic to visit several small businesses today as part of Small Business Saturday.”

“Our small and independent businesses are the beating heart of our high streets and breathe life into our town and city centres.”

“It’s not just the jobs they create but the richness and variety they bring to our local economy and the people who live, shop and work here.”

“Cities like Wakefield and towns like Horbury and Ossett rely on these businesses. For far too long successive Conservative Governments haven’t had their backs.”

“Labour is proud to back our small businesses with a serious blueprint for reforming business rates, tackling high street crime and anti-social behaviour and bringing down energy costs to give businesses the confidence to invest in our high streets.”


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