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Supporting an electronic shock collar ban

Simon Lightwood, Labour Member of Parliament for Wakefield, has pledged his support for a ban on electronic shock collars, also known as e-collars, for dogs and cats.

Wakefield’s MP said that he has been inundated with emails and letters from constituents concerned about the use of e-collars and their effect on animal welfare. Mr Lightwood said that “we must drive up standards” for animal welfare including a ban on e-collars.

In 2014, the Government funded research on the use of e-collars for dogs and concluded that they had long-term detrimental effects on dogs’ welfare. Following this, a public consultation took place in 2018 on proposals from the Government to ban hand-held remote-controlled e-collars.

On 27th April 2023, the Government announced draft regulations which would ban the use of e-collars and introduce fines for those who breach these regulations.

These regulations have since been approved by the House of Lords and will next go through the House of Commons, a date for which has not yet been set.

Many animal welfare groups such as the Dogs Trust, Kennel Club and RSPCA have welcomed the move and argue that instead of e-collars, we should be promoting positive training methods.

Mr Lightwood has thanked those constituents who have contacted him about this issue and said that it shows “strong support here in Wakefield” for this ban. He also paid tribute to the Kennel Club and others who have led this 10-year campaign.

Simon Lightwood MP said,

“I believe that animals deserve to live with dignity. This is incompatible with the continued use of e-collars which is why I support their ban.”

“I am pleased regulations have been brought forward to introduce a ban and fines for breaches and I look forward to following the developments of these regulations when they reach the House of Commons for debate.”

“In Wakefield we care about our four-legged friends. It’s clear there is a real strength of feeling locally for this ban. I am glad the Government is taking action.”


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