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Walk-in centre campaign continues

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Wakefield MP, Simon Lightwood is urging residents to use or lose vital services at the King Street walk-in centre, amid his continuing campaign to secure its future.

After pledging to fight for this valuable community resource during June’s by-election, Simon has kept up the campaign to save the city centre walk-in service.

In a meeting held with health chiefs last week it was suggested that the number of patients accessing services at King Street had fallen in the months following the pandemic.

Mr Lightwood said: “Since the centre opened in 2009, it has been a lifeline for some of my most vulnerable constituents here in Wakefield. However, with its future in doubt, we need to demonstrate just how much this essential service is needed and valued by local people.”

“The message is simple: Wakefield must use it or lose it. With A&E services at Pinderfields continuing to be under severe pressure, and GP appointments so difficult to secure, I would urge those who need non-urgent medical assistance, who are not able to seek the support of their GP, to use King Street walk-in centre or NHS 111”

Residents are also encouraged to continue to sign Simon Lightwood’s petition to Save King Street Walk-in Centre at:


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