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Climate Crisis

Today I spoke in the House of Commons in relation to the Government’s steps in combating the Climate Crisis and Wakefield Council’s plan to meet its carbon neutral target by 2030.

In October 2021, the Housing Communities and Local Government Select Committee released a report suggesting that unless central and local government works together, it will be unlikely that the UK meets its 2050 net zero target.

Previously being a councillor myself, I am keenly aware of the vital roles local authorities play in our efforts to reach net zero. Wakefield Council has declared a climate emergency, rendering climate change a main focus for the council.

So far, the Council's team has begun replacing 45,000 street lamps with LEDs in order to cut energy consumption by 80%, additionally, with the help of White Rose Forest 100,000 trees have been planted and there are talks on creating solar parks to further reduce energy consumption.

The Labour Party recognises the necessity of Net Zero and will encourage local councils to do the same. The Party will give more control over transport, planning, and local leaders will play vital roles in distributing Labour’s warm homes plan which will reduce energy bills and move towards our Net Zero goal.

What are the Tories doing to fight the Climate Crisis?


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