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My income and office costs:

You don’t just vote for your Member of Parliament, you pay for them too.


That’s why I’ve always published my income and office costs on my website - so you can see everything with complete transparency. You can check individual costs by clicking the ‘office costs in detail’ button below.

MP Pay

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority sets MP pay.

I am paid £84,144 per year (from April 2022) to serve as your MP.

I don’t have a second job or second income.

Sometimes, I receive sponsorships or donations that organisations or individuals give to me to support my work. These are always declared.

Office Costs

In order to serve you, I am given a fixed budget each year to cover my office costs. These budgets include:

  • Staff budget - £221,750.

  • Office budget – £28,570

  • London budget - £36,520

  • Transport budget - £uncapped


The London budget covers the cost of living in London Monday to Thursday each week. I receive a higher London budget because I have children who sometimes need to stay with me in London.

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