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Ask for help

My casework service is supported by two dedicated members of staff. We’re a small team but we work really hard to support as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. 


Because we receive so many requests for assistance we sometimes have to prioritise urgent cases first. We'll also prioritise personal emails over any automated campaign emails.


Before you get in touch it's important that you know there is a strict Parliamentary protocol which prevents me from intervening on behalf of another MP’s constituents.


So please double check that you live in the Wakefield constituency and that I am your Member of Parliament. Enter your postcode here to check.


Individual issues

Every day I help constituents with a wide range of individual issues. Generally I am able to help with any issue that falls under the responsibility of central government, such as problems with welfare benefits, immigration and health.


There are some issues I am not able to help with, but my team are always on hand to offer advice on where you can find the help that you need. Find out more about help with individual issues.


Community support

As well as helping with individual issues I work closely with local organisations and stakeholders to improve our community.


I also regularly visit local businesses, schools and charities and offer my support where needed.  Find out more about my community support.


Policy issues

On a national level, if you have a policy issue that you want me to raise with the Government, please get in touch.

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