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Boundary Changes

Constituency boundaries are reviewed from time to make sure that they are all about the same size because over time the number of people living in a constituency can rise or fall as population changes happen.


The Wakefield constituency in its current form was created based on population sizes back in 2000 and then used since 2010. It will cease to exist after the next General Election (which will take place at some point in 2024).


Simon Lightwood MP is currently the Member of Parliament for Wakefield but will stand in the next General Election as the Labour candidate for the new constituency of Wakefield & Rothwell.


Wakefield & Rothwell Constituency is made up of:


  • 48.9% of the old Wakefield Constituency (Lab) and includes the wards of Wakefield North, East and West.

  • 31.7% of the old Morley and Outwood constituency (Con) and includes the wards of Stanley and Outwood East and Wrenthorpe and Outwood West.

  • 19.4% from the old Elmet & Rothwell constituency (Con) taking in the ward of Rothwell.


It is important to point out that whilst the ward of Rothwell moves into the Wakfield & Rothwell Parliamentary Constituency it remains part of Leeds City Council and does not move into Wakefield Council.


You can read more about the changes here

(Old) Wakefield
(New) Wakefield and Rothwell
Ossett Ward
Rothwell Ward
Horbury & South Ossett Ward
Wrenthorpe & Outwood West Ward
Wakefield Rural Ward
Stanley & Outwood East Ward
Wakefield West Ward
Wakefield West Ward
Wakefield East Ward
Wakefield East Ward
Wakefield North Ward
Wakefield North Ward

After the next General Election the wards of Ossett, Horbury & South Ossett and Rural will fall under the new Ossett & Denby Dale Constituency. My colleague Jade Botterill is the Labour candidate and you can find more information about her here

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