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Shadow Transport Minister

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Simon Lightwood MP, Labour MP for Wakefield, has been appointed as the Shadow Minister for Transport with responsibilities including buses and taxis within Labour’s Shadow Transport team.

Mr Lightwood said:

“In Wakefield, and across the country, we are seeing bus routes being slashed, growing delays and cancellations and soaring fares.

Bus services are a lifeline for many, connecting our communities, enabling people to get to work, and our children to school. But under the Tories services are being slashed, and communities let down by unreliable and expensive services. Enough is enough.

The next Labour government will end the spiral of decline under the Tories, improve services, and put the public back in control of the essential public transport services they depend on.

I am delighted to be appointed as a Shadow Transport Minister at this critical time and look forward to being part the team that will put our public transport system back on track."


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