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Parliament has now been dissolved until the General Election. There will be no Members of Parliament. Any reference to me being a Member of Parliament on this website will be historical. I am the Labour and Cooperative candidate for Wakefield and Rothwell constituency.
Tell the Tories: take action now to stop sewage dumping into Wakefield's rivers .

The Conservatives are allowing tonnes of sewage to leak into our open spaces, rivers and sea, a blatant abuse of our precious natural environment. The institutions that should hold the water companies accountable are toothless and allowing companies to get away with it.


Over the last 6 years there’s been over a million sewage spills.

That’s one every two-and-a-half minutes. Every one sanctioned by Tory MPs who blocked changes for tougher action.

The River Calder and the River Aire, the two main rivers in Wakefield District, are the second and third most polluted rivers in the country. In 2022, there were 1,316 discharges of raw sewage into Wakefield’s rivers and waterways totaling 5,816 hours- the equivalent of eight months. Since 2016, there has been 1,276 years' worth of raw sewage dumped into British waters.

It doesn’t have to be this way and Simon has joined forces with Jade Botterill -Labour's parliamentary candidate for Ossett and Denby Dale and Wakefield councillors to campaign for change.

Labour will protect Britain’s rivers with:

✅ Mandatory monitoring of all sewage outlets

✅ Introduction of automatic fines for discharges

✅ Water bosses that routinely and systematically break the rules will be held professionally and personally accountable

Pledge your support for Labour's plan

Simon Lightwood and the Labour Party will keep you updated on this campaign and other campaigns and news we think may be of interest to you. Please read our Privacy Policy

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