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Wakefield's Dental Emergency

As part of his ongoing campaign ‘Save Wakefield’s Smiles’, Simon Lightwood, Labour MP for Wakefield, has met with local NHS dentist, Dr Zöe Connelly, to discuss the woeful lack of NHS dental services in Wakefield.

Mr Lightwood and Dr Connelly discussed how dentists across the UK are working to NHS contracts that are not fit for purpose and that, without immediate and meaningful change, the dental emergency will continue to devastate lives.

Through his campaign ‘Save Wakefield’s Smiles’, Mr Lightwood is leading the charge for better dental services across Wakefield and has called on the Government to take urgent action to address the dental emergency.

After 14 years of Conservative mismanagement, NHS dentistry is on its knees. Recent Labour Party analysis has found that, in the last two years alone, over 6 million adults tried and failed to get a dental appointment, with many even resorting to attempt their own DIY procedures.

The Labour Party have listened to dentists and are committed to offering the long-term reform necessary to rebuild NHS dentistry, ensuring that NHS dentistry is there for all who need it.

Simon Lightwood MP said:

‘The dental emergency in Wakefield is a badge of shame for this Government, and people are fed up. They’re fed up with 14 years of Conservative mismanagement, they’re fed up with being in pain, and they’re fed up with paying ridiculous money for private services.

‘It shouldn’t be this hard to see a dentist and under the next Labour government, it won’t be.

‘We’ll take immediate action to provide care for those in most urgent need, and long-term reform to restore NHS dentistry for all who need it.

‘We’ll make 700,000 more urgent appointments available, so if you need a filling, you can get a filling.

‘We’ll incentivise new dentists to work in areas with the greatest need, so, no matter where you live, you can access the services you need.

‘We’ll roll out supervised toothbrushing in schools for 3–5-year-olds, and, crucially, we’ll reform the dental contract to rebuild the service in the long run, so NHS dentistry is there for all who need it.’


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