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Boundary Commission

Today, the Boundary Commission published their final recommendations about the formation of the new constituencies, which will come into force after the next General Election.

It has been a real honour to be Wakefield’s MP this past year. The people of Wakefield had been left without representation for over a year and I am glad I have been able to give them back a dedicated voice in Parliament.

It's a really bittersweet moment - as residents in Ossett, Horbury and South Ossett and Wakefield Rural ward will move into a different constituency, Ossett and Denby Dale. It has been an honour to serve them, and I hope that their new MP will continue the progress we have made - alongside the three new Labour councillors we elected in those wards this past May.

I am also looking forward to welcoming three fantastic wards into the new Wakefield and Rothwell constituency and I look forward to working hard to serve the residents in Wakefield, Stanley, Wrenthorpe, Outwood and Rothwell.


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