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Simon reacts to Budget

After today’s budget, people in Wakefield are left asking themselves – is that it? Because there was very little that would make a real difference to the lives of hard-working people in Wakefield.

People in Wakefield are also asking themselves - after 14 years of Tory Chaos, do I feel better off? The answer is unequivocally no.

Productivity is flat, mortgages have gone through the roof, housebuilding has fallen off a cliff. worklessness keeps rising, homelessness has never been higher. Crimes go virtually unpunished. Our children can’t see a dentist, there’s sewage flowing in our rivers.

Billions and billions of taxpayers’ money wasted, £7bn by the Prime Minister on Covid fraud alone and half a billion pounds on the Rwanda scheme that has achieved precisely nothing.

The people of Wakefield see right through the cheap party politics and short-term sticking plaster solutions, they’re sick of this chaotic Tory Government who are intent on maxing out the nation’s credit card, during this Government’s terminal decline. But there can be no real change without a change in government.

Wakefield deserves a government that’s ready to take the tough decisions, that gives our public services an immediate cash injection and a Labour government that will fight for the living standards of working people.

So enough of the dither and delay, enough of the chaos and decline, we need a General Election now.


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