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School Notebook

The Tories' are failing our schools

As a father of two young children myself, I understand how important education is for our young people and it should be our job to make sure that we have the highest standards in our classrooms.


As you may have seen in the news, the Department for Education recently admitted that their sums didn’t add up when it came to school funding for next year. They have now had to revise their funding figures for schools across the country worth £370 million.


The figures are stark for Snapethorpe. Already in this school year, the school will have had £101,126 cut from its budget – amounting to £169 lost per child.

Now, with the Conservatives’ latest maths disaster, the school will lose out on another £32,736 of funding next year, adding up to another £53 per child.


This will cause yet more pain for the hard-working staff at Snapethorpe, with schools already struggling to balance budgets. From cuts to school rebuilding to failing to negotiate with teaching unions, the Conservatives are holding our children back.


The next Labour government would make education a priority, rebuilding trust between schools, families and government so that we can drive forward the high standards we want for our children. We would start by recruiting 6,500 more teachers, paid for by ending tax breaks on private schools. This will be alongside reforms to childcare and a review of the curriculum being taught in classrooms.


As your Labour Party candidate, I will continue to call for standards to be driven up in our schools so we can deliver the best start in life for our children and young people.

Teacher and Pupil
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School Kids

Labour's plan for change

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Reform childcare and early years support so children have the best start in life


Children’s earliest years are crucial to their development and their life chances. By the time they

start school, children eligible for free school meals are already five months behind their peers.

By ensuring families have the early support they need, we can provide every child a firm foundation that sets them up for life.

Deliver a broader education and the highest standards in schools

Too many children are being let down, leaving school without essential reading, writing or maths skills. Too many are denied the opportunity to participate in arts, digital and sports subjects that develop life skills, like communication, teamwork, and digital skills, which are essential for their futures. Labour will raise school standards for all our children. We’ll ensure every child has the core knowledge and skills they need as part of a broad curriculum, delivered by recruiting and training thousands more expert teachers.

Provide pathways to good prospects for all

Right now, too many young people leave education without the qualifications they need and

without high quality pathways onto apprenticeships, higher level education, or into good secure

jobs. By pushing decisions on skills spending out of Westminster we’ll ensure local communities

are able to join up training and job opportunities, with training routes coordinated between

colleges and universities.

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I want to hear from you
about our buses

Simon Lightwood MP

Member of Parliament for Wakefield

​I pledged to improve the broken bus system in Wakefield, but I can only do that with your help.

To build a better picture of our bus services across Wakefield, I want to hear about your experiences of using our local buses. 

This can be anything from delays on your bus route every morning to the impact of a bus route being cut by the operators. 

The more data we can collect, the better picture we can build of the state of our bus services. 

So please complete my short survey and then pass it on to a friend or neighbour to fill in!

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